Going to Hawaii

I’m sitting on the beach on Oahu, blogging by wireless.

We decided to spend this Spring Break near Honolulu to visit our son, Dexter, who is exploring the possibility of an education in Hawaii.

So we flew out of Seattle Saturday morning for the long trip to Oahu. Plane travel has changed a little bit over the past few years. For one thing, with the new security procedures, we could have driven to Portland in the time that it took us to fly there for our connection to Honolulu. Also, it turns out that meals on planes aren’t always included in air fare anymore. This paradoxically seemed to improve the service, as the flight attendants actually made two service trips with the meal cart; perhaps they didn’t sell out on the first trip.

We were settled into our hotel (The Mandarin Oriental in Kahala) and eating lunch before we called Dexter. He had been out to the beaches in the morning, but we planned to visit his house in the evening. That left us time for a long swim in the Pacific before taking off.

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