On the beach

We decided to spend our first day at the hotel’s beach. We hit the beach after breakfast, about 10:30. The towel boy led us out to the beach and rented us our cabana for the day. (Given the cost of our room, it’s surprising how many items are additional charge.) My plan was to be there until dinner time, popping in and out of the water, reading, and getting nagged by Spencer.

And that’s how it went. Only one really surprising thing; Hawaii state law prohibits alcohol actually on the beach. So, we spend the day drinking water, smoothies, and soda. When Whitney and I went to Cancun a couple of years ago, the list was a less family appropriate pina coladas, margueritas, cervesas, and water.

We’re also fairly paranoid about sun protection, which served us well. We all had a couple of streaks of red, but we spend the whole day out in the sun without getting barbecued.

That night, we met Dexter and Kora in Waikiki for hamburgers, and then strolled down the Avenue shopping for books, Hawaiian shirts, and ice cream. We actually bailed on the ice cream and headed back to the hotel for more sleep.

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One Response to On the beach

  1. Russ says:

    I forgot to mention. The bay in front of the hotel is actually filled with a reef that is so shallow, it is exposed at low tide. Whitney and Spencer spent about an hour walking in the reef, which looks pretty weird from shore. I\’ve uploaded a picture.There are big sandy stretches within the reef, so you can walk there without hurting the reef or your feet.

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