Hanauma Bay

Today we snorkled at Oahu’s premier spot: Hanauma Bay.

We have heard that the snorkeling around Oahu is generally disappointing, because the reefs are barren compared to the best spots on Hawaii. Hanauma Bay seems to be a counter-example. We saw a whole mess of fish, and Dexter saw a sea turtle.

The Park itself is a little unusual. First, the charge separate to park and to enter, but they do charge. ($1 per car and $5 per person.) Then, everybody is required to view a short educational and cautionary video tape.

After that you can walk down the inside of the crater to the beach, or ride a tram down for $.50. The ride up is $1.00.

Whitney, Spencer and I arrived early in the afternoon and headed out on the reef. The tide was pretty low, and there wasn’t much water over much of the coral. It was easy to get into a shallow area and bump your chest on the reef, which isn’t good for the reef or for you. But there were fish of all sizes and colors. The only real drawback to the day was that it was pretty rough, and that kicked up a lot of sand to obscure the visibility.

Dexter and Kora arrived a little later, and the kids went out snorkeling. Whitney and I took another circuit later, being careful to stay in the deeper sections. You could swim out to an opening in the reef, and the water was rougher out there, but the fish were congregating in the current. It was a very cool day.

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