April 15?

[Friday evening, April 15.]

If you know me it won’t suprise you that I left for Hawaii with our taxes unfinished and with us owing money. So, obviously, I brought the work along to file an informed extension with.

I spent a couple of hours on Thursday night getting to an approximation of our debt and making sure we had the funds available. Then, I’d just file an extension electronically on Friday and things would be fine.

But first, we’d need to hit the beach.

So, after the kids had left in the afternoon, I headed up to the room to finish my civic duty. The tax software would allow us to file the extension and arrange the payment online, so I thought we were set.

After the data was all entered, I hit the "Submit" button, but was informed that I couldn’t file past 4/15. But wait, it was still early on the 15th. Well, it was a little after 6:00, but still. Then I realized that 6:00 in Hawaii was after midnight on the East Coast, and that the software might not know where I was.

A quick check on the web site showed that it was still allowing electronic extension filings, so I filled in the numbers, saved the .pdf, and hit the button again. Only now, there was no provision for making the payment with the filing. So, I won’t get credit for filing without the payment, and I need to make the payment before midnight. (I actually don’t know what the value of filing online from that web site if you have to make a payment.)

So, we locate the downtown Honolulu post office, verify that it will be open until midnight, print out the extension form (which I could have gotten very easily from the IRS web site), and head out. We also picked up a restaurant recommendation from the bell desk, and were set for a frantic evening out.

Finding the post office was no problem, and we got that taken care of. But the highly recommended restaurant was closed. So, we wandered around and eventually ate in the Hilton Hotel complex on Waikiki. The Hilton is a different experience; the grounds around the five towers is like a miniature mall. It’s crowded and noisy, but we found a restaurant and had a good time anyway.

I’m sure that some of you would find a moral in here somewhere.

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